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Cypress Golden – Plant – CGP-510425


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Give a golden touch to your home garden and Lights up your garden with bright golden-green foliage color Cypress plant.

Item name

Cypress Golden – Plant

5 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

These are evergreen woody trees. The leaves are scale-like, 2–6 mm long, arranged in opposite decussate pairs, and persist for three to five years. On young plants up to two years old, the leaves are needle-like and 5–15 mm long.Plant Specifications

Plant Height
12 inch (30 cm)

Plant Spread
5 inch (13 cm)

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Japanese falsecypress, Lemon Cupressus

Maximum Reachable Height
25 to 35 feet

Flower Colour

Bloom Time

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and careDrench the soil around the tree after planting and cover the root zone with 3 to 4 inches of organic mulch. Give the tree a good soaking every week for the first few months. Cypress trees need water most in spring when they enter a growth spurt and in fall just before they go dormant. Cypress Golden careKeep the plant in natural indirect bright Light. Poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture. Water when top soil (1-2inches) feels dry to touch. Do not re-pot for min. 2 weeks after receiving it.

At least 3-6 hours of preferably morning sunlight a day is ideal for plant to grow well and natural direct bright light for the rest of the day.


Before water poke your finger/plain small stick into the soil to check the moisture.
Water when top soil (1-2 inches) feels dry to touch.
Water thoroughly in the summer and reduce watering in winter and rainy season.

The soil should be well drained and fertile, rich in organic content for growing plant.

18.42 degrees C

During the main growing season (Feb-August) feed the plant with organic fertilizer.

Cypress Golden uses
Ornamental Use:
Grown for lawn specimen, shrub borders and screen

It containsSrItem name1Cypress Golden – Plant25 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)


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