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Water Lily, Nymphae Nouchali (Red) – Plant – WLN-873737


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It is one of the most majestic plants to have in a water garden. It is by far the most exotic of all pond plants. They are very easy to grow once you understand the basic care of them.
Best grown in moist, acidic, humusy soils in part shade to full shade. Plants may be grown from seed, but will not flower for 4-5 years. Quicker and better results are obtained from planting corms which are sold by many bulb suppliers and nurseries. In addition, offsets from mature plants may be harvested and planted.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Kamal, Lotus, Water Lily, Nymphae Nouchali

Maximum Reachable Height
upto 0.50 feet

Flower Colour

Bloom Time
Summer, or the season of Fire, is when the Lotus blossoms. In spring, and through the summer, the plant is vigorously growing, enjoying the warmth and humidity. The flowers open in response to sunlight, usually opening in the morning and closing in the afternoon.

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and careThe Lotus plant should be fertilized sparingly for the first year.Too much fertilizer may cause the Lotus foliage to burn.A Lotus plant that is established can be fed every 3 or 4 weeks during the growing season.Care must be taken when inserting fertilizer tabs, because the growing tip and new growth can be damaged.It is important to protect the Lotus roots from freezing.Lotus can winter over in the pond if the pond depth is below the freeze line for your area.In late fall, the yellowed foliage should be cut off and the plant lowered to the deepest part of the pond.Or you may lift the tubers after the plant has died back during the fall.If you lift the tubers, store them in a cool, frost-free location until late spring.To help prevent mildew and rotting, store them in living sphagnum moss.Water Lily care

Full Sun

They grow in water

Muddy water

20 to 40 degrees C

Water Lily special featureNaturalize in moist soils in shaded areas of native plant gardens, shade gardens, woodland gardens or wild/naturalized areas. Also grows well in pond or stream banks or in shady areas of rock gardens.Water Lily uses
Medicinal Use:
The flower is used to brew lotus teas, which relieves cardiac complications and helps to stop bleeding
Culinary Use:


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