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Symbol of Good Luck 2 Layer Lucky Bamboo – SOG-884151


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Every gift is a wish of happiness for your loved ones. Tell your family and friends how special they are by gifting a 2 Layer Bamboo Plant in a glass vase.

Bring good fortune and positive vibes.
Best indoor tabletop plant.
Low maintenance plant.
About You will get a lucky bamboo with a glass vase and pebbles in a single pack.You can keep this plant in air-conditioned rooms also.Lucky bamboo symbolizes happy life making it a perfect gift for any occasion.These plants are extremely easy to take care of and require very little maintenance.
Care Instructions of Lucky BambooSunlightKeep the plant indoor with bright indirect light.Protect the Lucky bamboo Stalks from direct sunlight as it can cause damage to the foliage. WateringAvoid the use of chlorinated water as it may cause damage to the plant. Maintain the water level to keep the roots submerged in water.Change water from the glass vase every week. Do not spray water or mist in the lucky bamboo leaves, a gentle wiping will remove dust or dirt from it. Plant ProtectionRemove dead, infected or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants.For any insect attack or disease, you can use Neem oil, Eucalyptus oil or Citrus oil spray for primary treatment.Change the water, clean the roots of the plant and vase once in a week to keep plants healthy.Combo constituents

Item name

2 Layer Lucky Bamboo Plant

3 Inch (8 cm) Square Glass Vase

Marble Chips Pebbles (White, Small, Polished) – 50 g

Special Feature2 layers of lucky bamboo represent love and good luck.Lucky bamboo is an auspicious plant that will bring positive energy into the home, office or whatever environment in which it is placed.You can gift this lucky bamboo plant to your family, friends, and office colleagues to wish all luck and prosperity in their life.


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