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Pink ball tree, Dombeya wallichii, Tassel Dombeya (Pink) – Plant – PBT-897149


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A fast growing medium sized tree. It bears pink ball-like fragrant flowers that last for many days.Dombeya wallichii is a medium-sized broadleaf evergreen tree. The leaves are simple alternate with a serrate margin. The plant bears fragrant five to six-inch-diameter, pink flowers.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Pink ball

Maximum Reachable Height
15-20 feet

Flower Colour

Bloom Time

Difficulty Level
Easy to medium

Planting and careTrimming can be done when flowers are gone to keep plant small.Plant is not salt tolerant.Cleaning up dried flowers is advisable for neat appearance.Pink ball tree care
The plant is best grown in a well-drained slightly alkaline soil. It shows the best growth when kept in full sun to partial shade. Apply some trimming when the plant is not flowering to keep it small. Apply an organic fertilizer when the plant is not flowering

full sun to partial shade

Average to high

Well-drained loamy

Above 20-30 degree Celsius

Use any organic fertilizer in growing season

Pink ball tree special feature
The plant can be grown in big size container for many years but it performs well on the ground.
Pink ball tree uses

Ornamental Use:
Used for ornamental purposes


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