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Phalaenopsis Decoration FF Orchid (White and Purple) – Plant – PDF-813720


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You can enjoy the combination of white and Purple orchid flower.
This product has the white and purple combination flowers at the time of shipping. Phalaenopsis orchid has a single growing stem produces one or two alternate, thick, fleshy, compact leaves. The inflorescence of this orchid is a raceme or panicle appears from the stem. This bloom can live for several weeks. If kept in indoor condition, the flowers may be live last two to three months.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Phalaenopsis Orchid, Moth Orchids

Maximum Reachable Height
Up to 3 ft

Flower Colour
White and Purple

Bloom Time
Winter, spring

Difficulty Level
Easy to Grow

Planting and careRe-pot the plant when grows large and overgrows its container, the potting material deteriorates, the plant has to be split or divided.It is better to re-pot epiphytes every year. The best time for repotting is when fresh roots emerge at the bases of the previous year growth. This orchid should have a 50-70% humidity level around them. You should spray the water on the whole plant and potting medium for maintaining the humidity. Also, you can select the area where fountain or water flow is available.You should keep the plant directly in front of airflow to maintain the humidity. After your orchid has finished blooming, use sharp scissors to cut off the flowering stem to promote regrowth.Crowding of plants can lead to problems with insect infestations and fungus. Keep air to circulate around the plant. Phalaenopsis Decoration FF Orchid care
Division of clumps, keikis, back bulbs and tissue culture plants. The potting mixture consists of charcoal, broken pieces of bricks and tiles, coconut husk and fibre for orchid cultivation. Foliar application of NPK 20:10:10 @ 0.2% at weekly intervals on the whole plant and potting media, its starting from 30 days after planting. Mist or overhead sprinkler should use to provide water and to maintain humidity.

Full to Partial Shade


Use soilless potting mix, pH level 7

20 to 25 degree C

Spray any organic fertilizer

Harvest Season
Flowers are harvested when they are fully open as the flowers.

Phalaenopsis Decoration FF Orchid special feature
Orchid has showy flowers which is relatively easy to grow, with a central long stem and an attractive spray of flowers that can last up to four weeks.
Phalaenopsis Decoration FF Orchid uses

Ornamental Use:
Phalaenopsis orchid flowers are used in flower arrangement and bouquet


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