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Marrubium vulgare – Plant – MVP-344781


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Marrubium vulgare (White Horehound) is a gray-leaved herbaceous perennial plant, somewhat resembling mint in appearance.
Marrubium vulgare is a flowering plant in the family Lamiaceae, native to Europe, northern Africa, and southwestern and central Asia. It is also widely naturalized in many places, including most of North and South America. White Horehound is a gray-leaved herbaceous perennial plant, somewhat resembling mint in appearance. Stems are quadrangular and branching. Oppositely arranged leaves are 2-5 cm long with a densely crinkled surface, and are covered with white felted hairs. Flowers are white, borne in crowded whorls in leaf axils.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
White Horehound, Common Horehound

Maximum Reachable Height
8 to 24 inches

Flower Colour

Bloom Time
June to September

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and careHorehound is grown in full sun and well-drained soil. Other requirements are minimal as it can spring up naturally in nutrient deficient areas and sandy soils. Horehound produces a burr-like seed pod which contains tiny seeds. The seeds are slow to germinate and do not need to be sown deeply. Prior to seeding the horehound plant cultivate the soil and rake it to remove roots, rocks, and debris.Marrubium vulgare care
The horehound herb plant can be planted from seed, cuttings and division. Plant the seed three weeks before your last expected frost date. The seeds are surface sown and covered with a dusting of soil to prevent the wind from taking them.When planning how to plant horehound remember the germination difficulties of the seed.
Even moisture is important to encourage sprouting which is erratic. Seedlings are thinned to 10 inches apart and you can harvest the leaves after the plant flowers.

Full Sun to Partial Shade


Well-drained soil

65 degrees F

Apply any organic fertilizer

Marrubium vulgare special feature
An essential oil is obtained from the plant and used as a flavoring in liqueurs. The plant has been used as a cure for cankerworm in trees. No more details are given but it is probably a strong infusion of the flowering shoots or the essential oil, that is used. The growing plant repels flies.
Marrubium vulgare uses

Ornamental Use:
The plant is used for an ornamental purpose
Culinary Use:

The leaves are used as a seasoning
Bitter and pungent, they are sometimes used to flavor herb beer or liqueurs
Horehound ale is a fairly well-known drink made from the leaves
A mild pleasantly flavored tea is made from the fresh or dried leaves, it is a favorite cough remedy


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