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Gerbera (Any Color) – Plant – GCP-229253


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Gerbera daisies are striking flowers. They make you smile every time you look at them and cheer you up in an instant. With such a rich bloom, they induce creativity and vitality!

Item name

Gerbera (Any Color) – Plant

5 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

This product does not have the flowers at the time of shipping. Afterward, the plant will bloom and it could be of any colored flower. These beautiful blooms are perfect for any occasion (or for no occasion!) and for any region! Its widely recognized that sending colored Gerbera Daisies represents different emotions, similar to what each rose color means. Gerbera flowers are popular daisies that feature large, colorful blooms. Also known as the African Daisy, as well as Barberton Daisy and Transvaal Daisy, its name comes from the 18th-century German naturalist, Traugott Gerber.Plant Specifications

Plant Height
12 inch (30 cm)

Plant Spread
5 inch (13 cm)

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
African Daisy, Transvaal Daisy, Barberton Daisy.

Maximum Reachable Height
Up to 45 cm

Flower Colour
Any color.

Bloom Time

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and careWatering should be done early in the morning if the soil is dry.Also, remove any deadhead immediately after you notice it, as new blooms should be encouraged.Place your gerberas on a sunny windowsill where they can get approximately six hours of sunlight per day. Fertilize your gerberas every other week during the spring and summer flowering period. Use a water-soluble fertilizer that s rich in potassium and phosphorous.Gerbera care
The plants tolerate full sunlight, they perform at their best when exposed to morning sunlight and afternoon shade. When planting gerberas, ensure the crown of the plant – the point where the main stem joins the roots – is planted about 1 inch above the surface of the soil. This step is critical as gerberas tend to suffocate if the crown is buried.

Partial sunlight


Loamy soil

20 to 30 degree C.

Apply balanced liquid fertilizer.

Gerbera special feature
Attractive flowers
Gerbera uses

Ornamental Use:
The plant is used for the ornamental purpose

It containsSrItem name1Gerbera (Any Color) – Plant25 inch (13 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)


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