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Cyperus Papyrus – Plant – CPP-525607


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There are numerous names for papyrus grass. It is a plant in the genus Cyperus, which has native to Madagascar.

Item name

Cyperus Papyrus – Plant

6 inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

The plant is called umbrella plant because it has a grass-like habit with sprays of foliage at the top of the stems. These sprays of foliage radiate out like the spokes in an umbrella.The stems are rigid and triangular and have white pith inside. The pith is the source of papyrus paper. Papyrus has no frost tolerance and should be moved indoors for the winter.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Umbrella plant, bulrush, paper reed

Maximum Reachable Height
10 feet.

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow.

Planting and careUnlike many other houseplants the water requirement isnt something you can negotiate on as attempting to do so will quickly cause ugly effects with the arrival of brown splotches on the leaves or completely yellow / brown Umbrella Grass stems. Make sure your Umbrella Plant is well watered by using a drip trayThe only time you can cut back on the watering is if temperatures go very low, too much water at this point could cause damage through rotting. Additionally do not immerse the entire pot in water at any point for the same reason.Cyperus Papyrus care Papyrus is usually planted by rhizomes in moist, fertile soil in pots and then submerged in an aquatic environment. It can also be planted directly into 3 feet of muddy substrate to hold the heavy stems upright.


Umbrella Grass can be grown equally well in full sun, bright light, light shade or medium shade.
Its very adaptable and accommodating for the most part.
If things are too dark it will tell you by producing very few new shoots or stems.

Can you overwater a Cyperus plant? Not really is the answer. Very simply you must provide a high level of water saturation at all times to keep your Umbrella Grass healthy and lush looking, so do try to keep the drip tray (or whatever the pot is sitting in) topped up at all times. If you choose a drip tray with a tall edge, youll be able to reduce the frequency you need to top it up.

Papyrus soil requirements and planting instructions, Mix together the following: 60 percent potting soil; 20 percent peat moss; 20 percent coarse sand and a handful of perlite.

10C / 50F to 22C / 72F

You can give it a balanced fertilizer in spring to support the growth of the huge stems.

Cyperus Papyrus uses
Ornamental Use:

if you would like to add an elegant, exotic element to your garden, look no further than papyrus
All you need is a sunny spot and a gorgeous pot for an instant makeover with timeless appeal

It containsSrItem name1Cyperus Papyrus – Plant26 inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)


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