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Christmas Palm, Manila Palm, Dwarf Royal Palm – Plant – CPM-819897


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The Christmas Palm Tree, is one of the most popular palms
The Christmas Palm Tree, scientific name Veitchia merrillii, is one of the most popular palms in Florida. It has a lot of similar characteristics with Royal Palm Tree and sometimes is even called dwarf royal palm.Christmas Palms Trees are much smaller and are easier to manage in comparison to the Royal Palm Trees. Christmas Palm Tree is great for indoors.The Christmas Palm has smooth slender grey trunk that is slightly swollen at the base and ringed with old leaf scars. The Christmas Palm may be used alone or may also be planted in groups of two or three.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Manila Palm or Dwarf Royal,Christmas Palm Tree, Veitchia merrillii

Maximum Reachable Height
Full grown-depending on conditions, 20 feet or so.

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow.

Christmas Palm careThis tree is not considered to be cold tolerant as they don’t do well with any frost. It will surely kill them.In a container, their growth will slow and they will never reach their full size. Maybe only 10-12 feet at most.Outside in soil, they will grow taller and a bit faster, reaching closer to 20 feet or so.

Full to part sun

They require water regularly. If there are drought conditions setting up they will do okay for a short time. It s much better for you to supplement water until it passes.

Any soil but benefits from some organic material.

Minimum temp 30F.

Fertilizing with a good quality palm food and mineral mix- make sure it is slow release- every 4 months or so.

Christmas Palm uses
Ornamental Use:

The Christmas palm tree will add a touch of beauty to any space
It is super popular for landscapes and containers


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