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Chlorophytum, Spider Plant (Hanging Basket) – Plant – CSP-554702


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This pack contains Spider plant potted in a hanging pot. About You will get a spider plant potted in a hanging pot in a single pack.Hanging baskets add visual impact by bringing plants up to eye level.Hanging baskets are moveable and add interest in unexpected places.Spider plant is excellent air purifier plant.Combo constituents

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Chlorophytum, Spider Plant – Plant

7.1 inch (18 cm) Corsica No. 18 Hanging Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Special FeatureSpider plants are an essential part of any hanging plant collection. Their variegated leaves and graceful, fountain-like growing habit add beautiful contrast and texture when grouped with other house plants. Pot them into simple baskets, provide them with ample water and food, and within a few months, you should be rewarded with a full display.
Hanging baskets are a great way of creating a tidy, clean and professional looking outdoor area, whether it is for your own back garden or the entrance of an office. Hanging baskets can bring a sense of serenity and beauty to your environment.


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