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Cactus – Plant – CP-657443


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The cactus family (Cactaceae) is one of the most striking, distinctive, diversified and specialized groups in the plant kingdom.
Cacti occur in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Most cacti live in habitats subject to at least some drought. Many live in extremely dry environments, even being found in the Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. Cacti show many adaptations to conserve water.Succulents are plants that have organs such as leaves, stems or roots that are capable of storing water during the rainy or wet season in order to survive extended periods of drought. All the plants in the cactus family are considered stem succulents. During periods of moisture, the stem swells. Then during droughts, the stem slowly contracts. Cactus that have ribs are particularly well adapted to this because the ribs fill in and contract like an accordion.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name

Maximum Reachable Height
3-10 ft

Difficulty Level
easy to grow

Planting and careOne of the most common problems when it comes to potted plants is fungal rot (also called root rot). Desert cacti are especially susceptible as they naturally require only a small amount of water compared to other plants. The best cure for rot is a preventative one: simply avoid over-watering in the first place. As a general rule, it s better to under-water than to over-water when it comes to cacti. Cactus care
The cactus family (Cactaceae) is one of the most striking, distinctive, diversified and specialized groups in the plant kingdom. It includes about 2,000 species, and all of them are perennial and succulent.
Any large shallow pot can be used as an excellent pot for a cacti or succulent garden. You want to select plants all about the same size with similar care requirements. These plants all require a lot of light, so make sure the container you select fits near a window.
A layer of fine grit over the compost gives an attractive, yet, dry surface for the cacti in the pot.
You can place clean pebbles between the plants to increase the desert effect.

Cactus and succulents need, at the least, very bright light to maintain good color and shape. Spiny, fuzzy or hairy varieties generally require more sun than do the smooth, soft, leafy types.

Water when the top 2 to 3 centimeters of soil is dry. This should be adjusted with the season.

A potting medium composed of equal volumes of coarse sand, peat and perlite is suitable to grow most cacti.

21 – 24 C

Cacti generally require less fertilizer than other plants — try using a dilute solution of liquid fertilizer once a month.

Cactus uses

Ornamental Use:
They make excellent houseplants and many hardy varieties may be grown outside
Culinary Use:

The stems of some cacti can be used as a source of food, either baked or eaten raw
Cactus fruit of some species are eaten raw, and also candied or preserved in jams


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