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Brazilian plume, Jacobina (Pink) – Plant – BPJ-179219


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It is a beautiful tropical flowering shrub that displays gorgeous clusters of pink or white flowers that look like fireworks. Its a common, easy-to-grow plant in tropical areas like Southern Florida, and jacobinia is also gaining in popularity as a container gardening plant in the North for its beautiful flowers and no-fuss nature.Catharanthus roseus (Vinca) also known as the Madagascar periwinkle or rosy periwinkle or Sadabahar is grown as an ornamental plant in the garden. This is a 1m tall perennial herb with oppositely arranged leaves.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Flamingo Flower

Maximum Reachable Height
24 to 36 in. (60 to 90 cm)

Flower Colour

Bloom Time
Mid Spring,Late Spring/Early Summer,Mid Summer,Late Summer,Early Fall,Blooms repeatedly

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and carePinch off the tip of each growing stem in spring when the plant begins actively growing. Tip removal encourages branching and leads to a fuller plant.Brazilian plume carePlant jacobinia in shaded, well drained beds having richsoil. Work organic matter, such as compost, into the soil prior to planting to improve soil quality and drainage.

Partial to Full Shade

Average Water Needs,Water regularly do not overwater

Well-drained soil

18 to 20 degrees C.

Apply any organic fertilizer

Brazilian plume special featureCatharanthus roseus is used as an anticancer agent. It is most effective for the treatment of lung cancer.Brazilian plume uses
Ornamental Use:
The plant is used for ornamental purpose
Medicinal Use:

Catharanthus roseus is a tropical plant used for medicinal purpose
The plant contains 2 types of active compound such as alkaloid and tannins
The plant contains resperine
The plant has a long history of use as medicine in Ayurveda and Unani


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