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Bougainvillea (Orange) – Plant – BP-327478


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A strong vining habit that provides quick cover and beautiful, showy masses of bronze-orange flowers.
Bougainvillea plants need support to cover a wall, fence, or other area. Create rows of wire or string against the surface that you want covered. Tuck the bougainvillea branches behind these guidance supports at regular intervals. Keep a close eye on growth and adjust as necessary until the bougainvillea starts covering the wall or other surface.Bougainvillea plants are a beloved addition to many gardens and walls Bougainvillea is a vine-like, thorny shrub that grows rampantly. It can be trained to climb trellises or be planted as an attractive but thornily impenetrable barrier, and it can also serve as a groundcover. Bougainvilleas have beautiful, brightly colored bracts, which are specialized leaves that contain the plant s flowers.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
buganvilla, bugambilia, Napoleón, veranera, trinitaria, Santa Rita or papelillo, Orange King

Maximum Reachable Height
They are thorny, woody vines growing anywhere from 1 to 12 m (3 to 40 ft.) tall

Flower Colour

Bloom Time
They are evergreen where rainfall occurs all year, or deciduous if there is a dry season.

Difficulty Level

Planting and careWait for the first colorful bracts to form and fall in spring.Once they fall, prune excess growth Fertilize.This will cause new bloom on the shorter flowering spurs.Repeat during the flowering season as needed.Bougainvillea care
These tropical climbers are suitable for large containers placed in the garden during summer but must be kept frost-free in winter.

Full Sun

Make sure you don’t let the plants dry out between waterings. If you want to be successful. keep containers moist but also they need to be well drained. No sitting plants in standing water.If growing in pots, DO NOT USE SAUCERS under your pots. A healthy container grown plant will drink a lot of water during the warm times of the year.
In cooler periods or when you bring your plants indoors for the winter, the water requirement will be much less.

They thrive in almost any soil as long as it is well-drained and fertile. Soils that work for other plants you grow will be fine.

Bougainvilleas are hardy throughout the South but young growth will be damaged by frost. Optimum growing temperatures are warm days.A light frost will not kill the plant, but you can soon expect all the leaves and bracts to fall off. In this case, the plant will regrow if not subjected to more frosts for longer duration.

Mature plants can be heavy feeders. Here is some quick fertilizer tips.High phosphorus with micronutrients, as well as additional iron and magnesiumSlow or timed release fertilizers are acceptable.

Bougainvillea special feature
Use for a lush tropical effect on arbors, trellises, and spilling over fences.
Bougainvillea uses

Ornamental Use:
The plant is used for ornamental purpose


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