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Bhuiamla, Phyllanthus niruri – Plant – BPN-669905


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Since time immemorial, Bhui Amla has been used as a medicinal plant. It is an annual herb and as a whole used in various treatments. It is famous for its anti-viral activities across the world.

Item name

Bhuiamla, Phyllanthus niruri – Plant

6 inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)

Phyllanthus amarus is an annual herb 60 to 75 cm tall, quite glabrous. Root is stout and woody. Stems are often branched at base and angular. Leaves are numerous, sub-sessile, distichous, stipulate and paripinnate with small leaflets. The leaflets are oblong, having nerve obscure and base rounded. Root is stout tortuous and woody.Plant Specifications*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Indian gooseberry, Bhumi amla, Bhumyamalki, Amlaki, adiphala, dhatri, amalaka, amali, amalakamu, usirikai, Anola, Amlika, nellikai, malacca tree, nillika, nellikya, emblic.

Maximum Reachable Height
Up to 60 to 75 cm

Flower Colour

Bloom Time

Difficulty Level

Planting and careDuring summer, the plants should be mulched with paddy or wheat straws. .Drip irrigation yield better results.Bhuiamla careThe land is prepared in the month of April-May. Before sowing one deep cultivator is required. 2-3 tillering is good to improve the soil. The distance between beds must be at 30-40 cm.

Full sunlight

dry season if monsoon rains are scanty

calcareous well drained and light textured soils

15 to 46 degree C.

Use any organic manures.

Harvest Season
Mature fruits, other plant parts are harvested.

Bhuiamla special featureBhumi Amla is a medicinal plant used in India. It has several medicinal properties such as hepatoprotective, antiviral, anticancer, anti-diabetic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Bhuiamla uses
Medicinal Use:

It is used in local herbal medicine there for poor appetite, constipation, typhoid fever, flu and colds
A paste of plants leaves mixed in buttermilk is prescribed for jaundice
Alternatively, the paste is also mixed in goat’s milk and given for the ailment
It tones up liver and must be taken when there are symptoms of jaundice
It is used for the urine and genital disorders
For the enlargement of the spleen and liver the juice of the root mixed with rice water given orally
Herb is used in hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, dyspepsia, loss of appetite and diarrhoea
For malaria fever, the paste of the whole plant mixed in buttermilk is given internally
It is a sure remedy for intestinal worms, amoeba and cystitis
Ground leaves give a cooling effect, encourages conception in women
The root and seeds are ground into dry powder or wet paste and mixed with rice water and given as the home remedy for menopause disorders
A paste of Bhui Amla leaves is mixed in rice water is prescribed for ulcers, sores and swellings
Its root is given to sleepless children
It is topically applied to insisted lesions and inflammation affection
Leaves are ground and applied externally on bone fracture
It is beneficial for the treatment of disorders due to its antiseptic, febrifuge and diuretic actions
Used in the treatment of Anemia, Asthma, Bronchitis, Cough, Diuretic, Dysentery, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis, Jaundice, Thirst, Tuberculosis, Tumor (Abdomen)
Note: Use only after consulting the specialist

It containsSrItem name1Bhuiamla, Phyllanthus niruri – Plant26 inch (15 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black)


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