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Asplenium nidus Crissie fern – Plant – ANC-511749


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From the range of ferns that can be grown indoors this plant has larger leaflets than most and gives that large full leaf foliage plant appearance.This unique fern grows in the form of a deep rosette of large, shiny, spear-shaped fronds. New fronds unfurl from the center of the plant. The fern differs from many in appearance because of its spear-like shaped leaves.Plant Specifications

Plant Height
10 inch (25 cm)

Plant Spread
7 inch (18 cm)

*above specification are indicative only. actual dimensions may vary by +-10%

Common Name
Asplenium nidus, Crissie fern

Maximum Reachable Height
Up to 5 feet

Bloom Time

Difficulty Level
Easy to grow

Planting and careFertilizer should only be given to the plant two to three times a year. Even then, the fertilizer should only be applied at half strength and should only be given during the spring and summer months. Too much fertilizer will cause deformed leaves with brown or yellow spots or edges.Asplenium nidus Crissie fern care
Asplenium nidus can survive either as an epiphytal, or terrestrial plant, but typically grows on organic matter. A peat based potting mix is required. 2 parts peat and 1 part perlite (maybe a little less) is one mixture that will be fine. A peat based mixture with organic material is also good. The two main conditions to provide well is enough humidity and to protect the leaves from direct sunlight. It thrives in warm, humid areas in partial to full shade.

Partial shade


Well-drained soil

20 to 30 degrees C

Use any organic fertilizer

Harvest Season
Not defined

Asplenium nidus Crissie fern special feature
Crissie fern is an evergreen, epiphytic fern with a short rhizome and large leaves that can be 15 cm long and 20 cm wide.
Asplenium nidus Crissie fern uses

Ornamental Use:
Used for decorations in homes, shops and offices
Medicinal Use:

The leaves are said to be contraceptive, depurative and sedative
It is used in the treatment of chest pains
It is used externally for the treatment of stings and bites
Note: Use only after consulting the specialist


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