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Air Purifier Golden Money Plant Moss Ball with Plate – Kokedama – APG-567079


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Kokedama is an crafted Japanese Hanging Moss Ball. It is a truly unique way of displaying your favorite plants and creating an indoor plant feature.About Money plant moss ball can remove harmful toxins from air.Money plant moss ball can be placed indoor in low light area.It is believed that the Money plant brings good luck, prosperity, happiness and wealth.It is very easy to maintain.CaringCaring of Kokedama includes soaking or misting.SoakingWhen leaves show signs of wilting, or when the soil at the base of the plant is is lightly dry soak the Money plant kokedama.Depending on the size of your Money plant kokedama fill a bowl or bucket with room temperature water. Submerge your Money plant kokedama in the water with the plant side up.Allow to soak for 8-10 minutes or until fully saturated with water.Reduce the soaking time during winter and rainy season.Remove Money plant kokedama from water and gently squeeze the moss ball to allow excess water to drain.Place the Money plant kokedama in its place and enjoy its beauty.MistingInstead of soaking you can also mist your Money plant kokedama to provide water to it.Use a bottle that casts a fine mist and spray on the Money plant kokedama.Take care to mist in the morning when the light is gentle so that the plant is not burned.Misting should be done more frequently than soaking.FertigationDuring spring and summer, fertilize your Money plant kokedama monthly with water soluble organic fertilizers.For fertigation simply mix any water soluble organic fertilizer in bowl or bucket during regular watering of Money plant kokedama and soak it as usual.Planting environmentPlace the Money plant kokedama in well lit area but away from direct sunlight.Keep the Money plant kokedama away from the place with cold and hot winds.Use room temperature water for Money plant kokedama.Do not expose Money plant kokedama in cold temperature less than 10 degrees C.Combo constituents

Item name

Money Plant Golden, Scindapsus Golden – Plant

Kokedama Wrapping

7.7 inch (20 cm) Triangle Wooden Plate for 5 inch (13 cm) Valley Concrete Pot (Light brown)

Special FeatureKokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The name comes from the Japanese, koke meaning moss and dama meaning ball. Kokedama sometimes called string garden, each piece can sit in a shallow dish/plate or hang with the attached thread, making them lovely additions to any window or tabletop.
The Kokedama collection celebrates simplicity and the integrity of natural materials and processes. Its clever design means that layers of soil, moss and thread not only create a self contained vessel for the plant to grow but a living sculptural object.


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